Sunday, 17 September 2017

2017 Bowmanville Show - Minis Gone Wild

I had never been to the Bowmanville (Ontario) Miniature Show before, and I have to say, it was a solid show!  There weren't too many vendors there, and 2 that I love had to cancel due to emergencies, but the ones remaining were exactly the ones I wanted to see!

I started off at Small Scale Showcase.  Carol always has amazing items.  I purchased a salad bowl and salt and pepper shakers handmade by a Ukrainian artist.  I also picked up a Mini Fanaberia kitchen scale.  

I then moved straight across the room to Maggie Melinda Custom Miniatures (by Janet Harvie).  She had some sell off deals at her table, and I said sold!! She is absolutely lovely to deal with, and if you want custom furniture, I would highly recommend her work.  I now have several pieces in my collection and they are beautiful and well crafted.  

And she had some of her own mini collection for sale, so I grabbed the two gold end tables. 

Across the room I went to A Dollhouse Shoppe.  They sell all kinds of minis, but the last show I attended in Fergus, they had an artist I love, Gunther's Miniatures.  Recall the bed and the bench I purchased? Well, I had to have more of his incredible work!  I purchased a rose wood coffee table and an art deco sofa table.

Now that I had exhausted my "must have" list, I took count of my cash on hand (not too many vendors taking credit cards!) and set off on my hunt.  

Fay-vourite Crafts and Miniatures Co. is always good for kits, especially the ones she makes herself.  But what caught my eye at the end of the show (and also caught the last of my cash too!) was this beautiful handmade leather purse.  She told me it was made by a recently deceased artist, Jose Gomez in Spain.  It actually opens!

1000 Island Miniatures has a mix of things, old and new.  I grabbed this vintage TV that I plan to refinish and make slightly more realistic.  It needs some work.  The lamp had a retro vibe and the bag and thermos were, well, just kinda cute!

Petite Images had a lot of cute items, but I couldn't say no to these Halloween mugs.  Look at those happy little pumpkins!

Kim Stewart of Vintage Miniatures continues to make really amazing kits, she never disappoints.  Her wicker kits are very well crafted, I just completed the wicker tray kit I purchased from the Fergus show.  Most importantly, her instructions are great so you don't have to guess as you are learning. 

The paper chain kit was a bit of a whim purchase.  I was going to make a mini chain to celebrate Miss Kitty's birthday this summer, but never got to it.  Now I can make one for Christmas!!

And as I was out of cash, in need of coffee and getting hungry, I called it quits and went to find my husband working away on his laptop in our car.  He's a keeper that one! Drag him to a mini show a good distance from home and he happily works as I get my mini on!

Here's to hoping I make the MET Show in October!


  1. Ooohh... Love that scale! And the salad set is very cool.

    1. Thanks Sheila! Small Scale Showcase said they will be posting all of this artists work on their site in the next few weeks. It's very reasonably priced!

  2. Once again Kat, your show purchases as with your Ebay finds are Fantastic! Love everything you've collected and soon I'll have the additional pleasure of seeing them beautifully displayed in your future projects :D

    p.s. the leather purse is Exceptional!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! When I saw that purse, counted my left over cash and realized I could make it happen, I just couldn't leave it!!

  3. Love your finds! I'm slowly feeling the urge to work with my minis again. It's been dormant for far too long!


    1. Claudia, you need to!! Too much going on out there that's negative, bringing the mini love back in will brighten your day!

  4. Unas compras estupendas, es todo precioso !!!!!

  5. I love everything you picked and would not be surprised if people at shows follow you around just to see what you are attracted to! You have a great eye! It's so exciting to come home with inspiration treasures, and I hope you find time soon to do something creatively fun for yourself! :O)