Monday, 22 May 2017

OMEGA 2017 Show

Just 2 short weeks ago I attended the Ontario Miniature Enthusiasts of the Guelph Area (OMEGA) annual show.  Since this was my second OMEGA show, I came prepared....and then threw the game plan to the wind when I got all mini-riled up.  Sigh

I started at Small Scale Showcase, run by the wonder Carol Couperthwaite.  Always nice to see familiar faces!  I purchased a Mini Fanaberia blender (hehe!!!).  The wooden utensils, salt and pepper and cutting board came from a Ukrainian artist she just started carrying.  Amazing work! I wanted the salad bowl the artist made, but the woman ahead of me grabbed it.  Grrr!

Then I popped over to see Liz at Grandpa's Doll House.  I got the amazing REAC George Nelson marshmallow couch.  It doesn't look terribly comfy, but its very stylish.  I grabbed a few other little bits, including Heidi Ott hats, veggies and jewelry findings.

At an estate table, I dug through some bins to find some fine, thin English leather, vintage wall paper, mother or pearl and a tiny wreath!

My punch quest continues, but I found a tiny leaf punch!  This means that I can hydrangea it up!! Patti T's Eclectic Petites doesn't have a website though.

Merriam's Miniatures (no website) had amazing rock bottom priced kits. $1.50 for each hygrangea kit.  It's not worth my while to punch....but, I don't like the leaves, so I'm adding to that.  And the welcome mat just had to come home with me!

Nancy at Sweet Somethings Miniatures makes amazing clay drinks (among other things, like goodie platters, veggies, etc.).  Check out some of the amazing furniture on her website.  

And no show can be complete without purchasing something from Lutie Anne Presley.  This little bench/stool is beautifully turned and finished.  I think I might order her harvest table in yellow now that I think about it.  She didn't have it at the show, but I keep coming back to that colour!  Her works are also available via Small Scale Showcase.

If you ever have the opportunity to purchase a kit made by Kim Stewart, I highly recommend it.  I previously completed her beach chair, and it was beautifully designed, fit together perfectly and was sturdy.  I will try (torture) to make the tiny pin cushion and the lovely wicker tray!

Do you do the "final lap" of a show?  Had I not, I would have missed Gunther's Miniatures beautiful wood pieces at The Dollhouse Shoppe table.  Gunther's Miniatures were a recent add to their store, handmade pieces using beautiful wood.  My picture does not do it justice!

So that was my haul!! Some of these kits will keep me busy during the summer.

I will be more involved with Miss Kitty's school going forward, so it will leave less time to mini (noooooo!!!!).  But I will squeeze it all in somehow.  I am currently planning her birthday, and like any crazy craft loving mother, I am crafting decor and games.  And I have only burned myself twice with the hot glue gun, fun times!! 

What else.....well, I'm stitching away at another Janet Granger rug.  We had a vacation to Jamaica recently and I stitched on the airplane.  My intentions to stitch on the beach did not materialize as soon as I found the bar and the lounge chair.  But, I did get lots of teeny tiny shells.


  1. Wow you found so many great minis! And from the looks of it, it sounds like a very nice show! Now excuse me while I go have a look at the links you so kindly shared!

  2. Ooh, ahh....I especially like the wooden bench. Glad you had a good time.

  3. We don't have shows near where I live so it's fun hearing about your adventures. Very restrained purchases considering the vast array on offer

  4. A "HAUL" indeed! Your purchases are lovely Kat and I am especially impressed by the kitchen items and the flower kits! What a steal at $1.50 each and I'm glad that you were able to snap up a leaf punch because it will DEFINITELY come in handy not only for these kits but also for any future ones you make from scratch.
    I know that you'll be happily busy this summer and I look forward to seeing the more modern and contemporary pieces from the show, displayed with your Superb sense of 21st Century Style!

  5. Loved to browse through the items you were fortunate enough to purchase at the OMEGA show...the wood kitchen items are delightful. The flower kits at $1.50 were a great bargain and will look beautiful once made up...always fun to have a project or two (or more!) to work on when a rainy day pops up. It's so interesting to see the modern pieces that will be incorporated into your miniature displays since I am doing a miniature home that is being placed in the year 1888....there have been some major design changes since that date! Cheers, Alayne