Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Mid Century Room Box - Living Room Reveal!

It's all done! And I found a home for it on a table.....the benefits of a small build.  I apologize in advance for the full view shots as they were done in my living room.  At the time I had no sun outside and lots of damp, both are not friends to minis.

But, lets begin the tour!!


The walls are all painted a white (with beige undertone), CIL interior eggshell, like the kitchen. 


 I can't say I am thrilled with my large plexi windows.  The sheets looked perfect, but they all had some marks.  Then after installation, paint and glue touch ups...sigh.  But are my real life windows cleaned yet? Nope, so they look the same!  

The widows are framed with 0.5cm square wood dowels and the plexi is held in with quarter round styrene strips.  Let's just say I will never again paint styrene with burnt umber acrylic....5 coats per strip later to get coverage!!!

The floor is paper backed varying length wood floor sheets that I stained with my own concoction of colours.


I wrote more about the fire place a while back, but to recap, its a thin sheet of cork cut into bricks. All glued to a wood frame that hid the electrics for the fireplace and the ceiling light.  The electrical all comes out the bottom where the batteries are hidden. 

The fireplace art was my first attempt at soldering! Mixed results....lets say, rushing it because your child is out of the house and you have 10 mins do not make for the best conditions.  Anyway, it worked! The butterflies are punched from textured gold paper.


The door was from Greenleaf.  I made the door hardware from paper and the metal ends from Christmas light fuses.  I broke the glass off the fuse and was left with a little piece of metal! The larger fuse yielded the door knob, and and small fuse yielded the deadbolt lock.


The ceiling light was fun! I had another idea going for a while....but as a project drags out and you just want to finish, you start to think.  And that thinking leads you to steal from your child.  Yes, mother of the year right here.  The black tube is plastic...from a balloon.  You know those small helium balloons that are attached to a plastic stick? It was hollow...and straight.  So I staved off a few inches from Miss Kitty's Minnie Mouse balloon.  The light is a dollar store ping pong ball.  The child loves playing ping pong on the coffee table, so I did replace the ball I stole from her.  But it all makes a perfect light!  Inside is one of those pre wired (with resistor) LED from China off of Ebay.  


I had a vision of what I wanted.  But, those rows of brown were the most boring and time consuming part of the project.  Tent stitch worked on 28 count canvas with DMC cotton floss.  3 colours used.

The Final Look......

The details...I weaved the wall hanging.  It was purchased as a necklace kit, but I saw mini potential (and it was clearance!).  I also painted the gold pictures.  Michaels has some perfect 1:12 scale square canvases in their art section.  The end tables were fun to make...a simple "C" shape table with a rectangular hollow brass tube support.  

I've been up to more kits recently....and other mini making shenanigans! More photos to come!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tick Tock....And A Dose Of Sunshine!

That clock!! Since everyone seemed to like it (it is very cute), I racked my brain to try and recall more details of its lineage.  It was new old stock from the online miniature show garage sale....but then it hit me...that white packaging.  I knew I recalled that specific packaging from a blog.  Then, I went through Brae (Otterine) and Keli's (iseecerulean) miniature show haul posts and pegged it from their Bishop show purchases.  Turns out its from Wright Guide Miniatures.  So, if you fancy it, ask WGM if they still stock it.  See, I'm Nancy Drew!

And if you're curious, its based on the Kit-Cat Clock.

Then I had a happy mail day from Keli.....

.......and from Anna-Maria!! These arrivals brightened my day!

I gave up waiting for nice light and the ability to take my minis outside to photograph them.  I finished my MCM room box and did the photo shoot in my living room.  Gah! Spring will just not come soon enough. Now back to editing those photos!

Monday, 13 March 2017

The Mid Century Room Box - Kitchen Reveal!

Since I have been terrible at updating you about the progress of my mid century room box...surpirse! The kitchen is now done!  I'm sure you're thinking, what room box? What kitchen (minus the few short mentions I made and some lighting pictures).  

I made the final push to build the breakfast bar.  BUT, then as I was accessorizing the room I felt I needed a rug.  Just a place to stand and keep your feet warm.  Going with that thought, I decided I wanted a print of some sort.....then as I was coming in my front door after a particularly windy few days, there was lots of birch bark on the ground.  How very Canadian! No beavers, just me and some birch bark....and me holding my Tim Hortons coffee.  It was a moment.  Anyway, I decided that I would stitch a modern interpretation of birch.  I say "modern" because outside of a 60+ count fabric, it wouldn't look very realistic.  It is stitched on a 25 count canvas with black and white DMC floss in a tent stitch.  That slowed down the decoration of the kitchen by a few days!

I am pretty darn pleased with how it all turned out!  

The breakfast bar wall was inspired by the wood walls of the era.  But, I didn't want wood, or rather, the look of additional grains and stains with the already wood heavy living room.  I instead used poster board cut in various thicknesses and glued on an angle.  

Beside the stove there is channeling on the wall.  Again, it reminded me of the wood paneling of the era, but it was now monochromatic.  In fact, the whole room is monochromatic.  The walls, cabinets, ceiling are all "White Bucks" by CIL in an eggshell finish.  It's the wall colour above my wainscoting in my real life basement.

The kitchen cabinetry are all removable should I need to access wires.  This was my first time playing with electricity in a build.  The living room is wired up too, but its show and tell day is next.  Wouldn't you know that as I was styling it, I decided the front door needed a rug too!  So what do you think I've been up to?? 

Up next....the living room!

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Saturday, 4 March 2017

In Winter We Flower!

When life gives you winter, I make flowers to maintain my state of denial.  It's very cold here.  No snow...just grey and cold.  Every few days we get a warm spell and its gets you excited.  Then nature pulls the rug out and its gone.  

In the spirit of gloom I!

It started with a few kits I picked up at The Little Dollhouse Company by Fay-vorite Crafts & Miniatures Co.  Fay, by all accounts, seems to be the only person in Canada making mini flower kits.  Seriously.  This giant country and she makes the kits.  Side note: if you know someone who makes great floral kits in Canada, let me know!!!  I usually buy some at the MET show from Fay, but these 4 kits were on sale and cheaper at TLDC.  





I added bulbs to the hyacinths because...I thought they looked cute!  The hydrangia kit was seriously short on leaves. Fortunately, I had a similar punch and made more.  Nothing is worse then a sparse and sad looking hydrangea!

Four kits in and I was on a roll! Plus, I had all the supplies out to make flowers, so why not continue, right??  And I have a stock pile of mini magazines packed with tutorials that I always say I will try and never do!

The Dolls' House Magazine had a good run on floral tutorials.  I made gaillardia (blanket flowers), strelitzia reginae (bird of paradise) and the herbs in pots (sage, parsley and mint).  All of these presented their unique challenges, mostly due to my lack of flower and leaf punches.  Again, Canada lacks a solid punch resource that sells online.  I improvised and cut up other punches to make my herb leaves, while I hand cut my gaillardia leaves.  No more %^$&#*% leaves!!! Picture me dropping every fifth leaf on my busy pattern rug and hunting them down with my cell phone flashlight.  Eeek.  

The bird of paradise was the most technically challenging and slow to do.  Not hard, but each piece and step took time to paint and glue.  

The Dolls' House Magazine Issue 206 July 2015

 The Dolls' House Magazine Issue 207 August 2015

The Dolls' House Magazine Issue 208 September 2015

But in the gloom of winter I got some fun mail!!  Anita at Fabulously Flawed Miniatures brightened my day with some amazing mini knits.  So I had to put them in a mini scene and play around!

And then I stitched one last pillow a week and a bit ago in an eyelet pattern.  This black and gold beauty is my most favourite pillow so far!

And so, I return to my mid century room box.  I just glued in my breakfast bar after much delay.  It stares at my on my bar top that faces my couch.  It served as my floral photo staging area, so it is being useful even as I neglect it!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Sewing And The Fireplace

While I wish I could say I was sewing beside a nice fire, I cannot.  But I stitch away on my couch in the basement with the TV on and my husband working on his laptop on the other end of the couch.  We have an exciting life.

I have been working away at finishing the bits to the Mid Century Room box.  The slow pace continues.  I sealed all the window trim paint with matte clear coat.  Paint on plastic trim is a scuff and scratch hazard, so sealing is a must.  Then I repainted the kitchen walls (the same colour) to touch up scuffs.  I am still working on the breakfast bar.  I'm spinning my wheels as I think about an aluminum top or using a wood with a clear acrylic overlay (window "glass").  I'm going to test the wood one first and see if I like it.

The Fireplace

The fireplace continues!  Inside the fire place is the flickering fire LEDs from Evans Design. The wires run out the bottom of the room box to a little ledge where the coin battery rests for ease of access.  The LED light wire for the ceiling also run behind the fireplace and out the bottom (still thinking about that light).  The flames are cut from glue gun glue pieces.  I saw something similar with fake glass flames on TV and thought, why not mini it!?!  The base is filled with clear seed beads.  

As you can see, I have just cut the acrylic sheet for the glass.  The trim will be painted card stock.  Awkward to fit in there with giant hands at a tight angle.  

My Eyes!


In exciting news, I got myself the Bead Buddy Sight Light.  If you ever want to avoid attracting another human being or feel awkward spurning the advances of your loved one, toss this baby on and they'll be running away from you so fast you will see dust.  My husband just looks at me while I wear them and shakes his head.  I grabbed them at Michaels with a 50% off coupon, so it was just $15.  But that is well worth the money as I already wear glasses and any further eye strain won't help as I stitch.

I am only slightly more attractive then the woman on the package when wearing my Sight Light......but when I turn that LED light on at the front...whoa baby, call Vogue!

Stitch It Up!

Do you have a "lust" mini item?  Well, mine was the "Janine" rug from Janet Granger.  So, for Christmas I bought the kit and added it to my list of things to do.  Then right after my petit point workshop finished, I began my odyssey.  Finished, it is 8.2 x 5.1 inches worked in Appletons crewel wood on 18 count canvas.  I figure approximately 13,400 stitches in total.  It took 15 days and about 70 hours (likely more).  I stitched every spare moment I could! Its a very forgiving pattern, meaning, when your count is off here and there (*cough cough*) you can just correct it in the busy pattern and no one can tell.

And now that I have been bitten by the stitching bug, I snagged myself the Stitch Step By Step book.  It has all the fun embroidery stitches you need to make amazing mini pillows.  You can find these stitches on the internet, but instead of my iPad turning off as I stitch and all that hassle, I now have a great reference book that is much more handy. From start to completely finishing a pillow I am down to 4.5-5 hours of embroidery time, which is pretty efficient from my perspective. 

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Still Alive!

Yes, yes, I am still alive and kicking.  Minus a little Instagram play, I had been busy prepping like a mad woman for my Petit Point workshop at The Little Dollhouse Company.  I`m now done!  It went fantastic.  I might have blinded the participants with those tiny 30 count stitches, but we all had a great time.

I am now on a mission to finish my mid century room box.  But I will share some of my progress with the kitchen for now.  The exterior is done.  I need to seal and touch up window trim inside.  The big project will be securing the electrical underneath, designing a light fixture that will hang from the ceiling (and work) and finish the fireplace.

In the kitchen I need to complete the breakfast bar on the wall opposite the kitchen set up.  I did finish the extractor hood, but I got a new phone and those pictures are still on the old phone.  Another day, another project!

Also, I apologize for the picture quality.  I gave up trying to find the time to take it outside to photograph and just shot it in the basement.  Sigh.

I ran my LED lights through the hole I cut in the wall.  I wasn`t sure at the time what I was going to run, so I left lots of space.  The LED strip lights came from Dollarama.  I almost lost my mind.  Nano strip lights with resistors built in.  Just cut to the desired length and its attached to a battery pack.  It`s like the heavens parted and gave me the BEST GIFT EVER!  And I have a million lights left, so I bought more battery packs on Ebay that I can attach to it. 

I used simple bass wood make the cabinet boxes, then glued on the fronts.  Under the upper cabinets have a small lip along the bottom that conceals the LED strip (4 lights).

The back splash is corrugated wood from the railway store.  Its supposed to be railway scale roofing.  But as soon as I saw it I knew what I wanted it for!

As I worked with my dollar store LEDs I immediately thought, what if they die! (not like the ones you buy on Ebay are any different, but I`m paranoid).  So, to ensure I can access them, I put half inch brackets on the wall.  The cabinets sit on them and are flush to the wall.  I will end up securing them on with museum wax.  But this way, I can always get to the lights and the wiring.

When I get my photos off my old phone (I still miss you my sweet Blackberry), I will post a tutorial on how I made the stainless steel applicance faces.  But, the short of it is I took a Homax wall repair kit from Walmart and used the stainless steel sheets it came with.  Sooooooooooo much cheaper then hobby store aluminum.  Then, I bent it around thin wood. I`m quite pleased with it.

The sink came from The Little Dollhouse Company.  I drilled holes in the bottom, added mesh and a ring for enhanced sink-ness.  The counter top is faux granite.  The faux part being me with pastels drawing and shading lines in.  But then I almost lost them as I sealed with with a water based sealer.  Ha.....but seriously, I almost cried.

And here it is lit and unlit! Those lights are bright!  I just got some of Marion Russek`s light switches and plugs from Shapeways that I will be adding in too.

And in other news.....

Before my Petit Point workshop I squeezed in some shopping at The Little Dollhouse Company.  As if I could leave empty handed!  I also grabbed some floral kits and 1 inch scaled fabrics.  Most of the lights are for my NEXT build.  Always planning ahead.....or I`m a sucker for cute minis.

Table, floor and ceiling lights

Food and cleaning products

Art box by Ella M. Reulbach

Large basket by Al Chandronnait. Washboard by Sir Tom Thumb

And in honor of all the women marching worldwide in the Women`s March.....

......from one Nasty Woman to the blog world....